Last Of Its Kind On The Street Outtake: 1980s Chevy Starcraft Conversion Van – GT Series, No Less

(first posted 4/18/2017)    Time for another “Last of Its Kind On The Streets” edition. Sadly, vintage conversion and cruising vans are another endangered species on the streets. The 70s era cruising vans fad spawned the conversion van, and created a pretty good sized industry. And some rather colorful versions,  like this 1980s Starcraft conversion van with its multi-colored stripes. It’s a rolling period piece.

There’s a few ratty old vans around from this era, but none with such finely preserved historical features, like those rainbow stripes repeated at three levels, no less! These rainbow stripes, although with red at the top, is the official symbol and flag of the LGBT community. Maybe Starcraft was ahead of its time, or maybe that’s why they stopped with the rainbow theme? More likely it had just run its course.

I was never a big fan of conversion vans, since their interiors were invariably not to my taste, with overstuffed chairs upholstered in some pouffy velour or such, and of course the ceiling-to-ceiling shag carpeting. I was more into the spartan plywood look, a bit more functional and suitable for genuine camping.

But this baby has wood too. Check out this mega-console, which appears to have been carved out of solid wood (of course, looks can be deceiving). The finish is…finished, but that is an impressive piece of rustic consolery. And it looks like some more slabs found their way onto the doors. I may have lied about the ceiling-to-ceiling shag carpeting. Too bad I couldn’t get a shot of the back. A solid wood conference table?



Let’s get a nice close-up of the stripes. The purple has not aged well.


This is a G20 van, GT Series. Presumably that suffix is thanks to Starcraft’s creative marketing department, as it’s hard to imagine how “GT” has any relevance to a van. The “L” and “B” are obviously missing.

Enough with all that. Obviously I’m grasping for something to say about this van. Why bother? It speaks quite eloquently for itself.