Loading Dock Outtake: Jeep FJ-3A Fleetvan – Skinny Little Van Still Hard At Work

I have caught a number of interesting vehicles in my many trips to Jerry’s or Home Depot, but this one was a bit of a surprise, parked in the loading dock of the latter establishment. And it is obviously the daily driver work van for this contractor. Now that’s a skinny and compact work van compared to usual fare.

I did a full CC on these little vans a while back, but my specimen was a hulk on a trailer. No, this is not the same one reincarnated. Here’s how many of them looked in the service of the USPS. The postman gives one a good idea of just how compact they were, given that they rode on the little Jeep of the times, with a mere 81″ of wheelbase.

But this one is the extended body version, the MaxiFleetVan.

Officially known as the FJ-3A, it packed a 19″ extension at the rear. Which makes it much more suitable for the use our featured van is in.

I didn’t get a shot of the cargo area, but this one of the driver’s compartment confirms what I suspected as soon as I saw it, that’s it’s had its drive train upgraded. Not surprising, given its original 75hp “Hurricane” F-head 134 CID four. We can only speculate what’s under the hood but if I had to guess, it’s something pragmatic like the Iron Duke-THM drive train out of an old S-10 or something along those lines. Quite suitable. And if so, it would be sporting the same drive train as the Grumman LLVs still delivering the mail today.

It makes for quite a contrast with a modern dually pickup, although this angle doesn’t do justice to just how narrow (and short) this vanlet really is.