Mt. Pisgah Outtake: Two Handsome Old Dogs Still Going Strong

We head out to Mt. Pisgah and Buford Park almost religiously on summer evenings right after supper. There’s the summit to climb via numerous trails, or the vast open space and rivers on both sides. When it gets hot, I have my semi-secret swimming hole to cool off in. Last night we hiked a good seven miles or so.

And ‘Lil Man is still going strong, even as he approaches his eleventh birthday. As long as it’s not hot out, he’s still good for eight or ten miles. It’s how we all stay in shape despite our years.

On a beautiful early summer day recently, we found ourselves admiring this fine Lexus 400SC there, and ‘Lil Man was not in the mood to move. They make a rather nice pairing, actually.

Someone’s taking good car of their pet car. I have very happy memories ripping through the Santa Cruz Mountains in one that a dear friend owned for a number of years. It was the best car she ever had, she’s often said. I had my son Ted along on that drive; he must have been about six or so, and it left an indelible impression on him. Maybe a bit too much so.

The SC (and its companion Toyota Soarer) were styled in California, at Toyota’s Calty studios. The stylists took a different approach, working only in 3D with plaster and other materials, eschewing drawings altogether. The result was a car that was based on “emotion and feeling” rather than linear aesthetics. The body had almost no straight edges, and produced a drag coefficient of a very low Cd=0.31

Its 4.0 L V8, shared with the LS400, sat behind the front axle center line. The SC made it into car and Driver’s Ten Best List from 1992 through 1996. The chassis of the SC was used as the basis for the next generation Supra. There was also an SC300, with the Supra’s inline six.

This was the spectacular sunset as we headed back down the mountain last night. We didn’t get back to the car until about 9:45, but there was still some light on the horizon. Summer is here.

A more detailed CC of the SC is here.