Neighborhood Outtake: 1986 Thunderbird – Nearly Extinct Aerobird

These aerobirds, especially the plain-vanilla versions like this one, are at risk of extinction. They appeared out of nowhere in 1983, and multiplied exceedingly quickly. Even in California, which was so anti-domestic at the time, these became as common as starlings or crows. But now they’re at danger of extinction.

We’ve covered the Turbo-Coupe version several times here, including this CC and my Auto-Biography of my TC. And Jason did a CC on an Elan version way back in 2012. But this is a base version of Ford’s re-sculptured Thunderbird. And probably with the 3.8 V6 under its long beak.


By 1986, the carry-over dash from the previous Box-Bird had finally been replaced by something thta looked a bit more organic to the rest of the design. And that went for the steering wheel too.


If I had to guess, this is a classic old lady-mobile, which led a very sheltered and pampered life, which explains its current state, thta more closely resembles a three year old car instead of a thirty-two year-old car. A rare bird indeed.