Neighborhood Outtake: The Neighborhood Militia Is Headquartered Here

This Charger, looking as much as possible like a rear police car and bristling with antennas, has been sitting in this driveway for a few years now. And a Crown Vic ex-police car has just joined it. It must be our neighborhood militia headquarters. And there’s a curious back story to it.

A youngish guy lives here now, but there’s a bit of interesting history here. About a 14 years ago, when we used to walk with our youngest son to middle school in the morning (not out of necessity, but just to get a morning walk in, and to embarrass him), we walked by this house every day. And ever so often, we’d see a man come out, dressed in the most perfectly pressed and pristine khaki police-type uniform, complete with a Smokey Bear hat. He had this very intense and serious countenance. And he’d walk a block or so to the bus stop. Curious.

Then one day we were walking down town, thought the transit system station, and there he was: a security guard. But the most incredibly-dressed security guard you ever laid eyes on. He took himself deadly serious, and he strutted around erect and eagle-eyed. Nowadays, the security guards wear comfortable casual clothes and baseball caps. I only wish I could show you a picture of him; he was straight out of Twin Peaks or some other David Lynch production. And in our neighborhood, of all places. Totally out of context.

There has to be a connection, what with the multiple flags and police cars. But I’ve seen no sign of the man for years. So I assume his son, who looks and dresses like the typical young guy, is somehow carrying on the family tradition.