Neighborhood Outtake: VW Buses; Subarus, and More Eugene Stereotypes

I was just turning down this block on my early morning walk with the dog to get a shot of that T2 bus when a T3 (Vanagon) suddenly pulled out of its driveway. Perfect. And two Subarus. Even more perfect. two Eugene stereotypes, in double. And that Vanagon is hardly the only one.

Frankly, I was a bit taken aback by the number of T3 Vanagon buses when I decided to start actually noticing the cars in my neighborhood and shoot some of them. I didn’t shoot them all, but I found 5 or 6 just within about three blocks of each other.

I did shoot this one, because it’s sort of the ultimate Eugene stereotype driveway shot. Two very different cars for different missions.

Yes, folks do love Vanagons, as they do love getting away to go camping or such. Or want to feel like they’re ready to do so should the desire strike to hit the road.