On The Go Outtake: Ford Explorer Sport With Ill-Fitting Wheels and Tires – Narrow Gauge

I generally avoid trying to criticize other folks’ rides, or their modifications, but when I first spotted this Explorer a ways directly ahead of me, it looked rather bizarre, due to its wheels and tires having decidedly less track than stock. It looked like one of those pickups the railroads use with special wheels so they can ride the tracks.

Fortunately, it decided to turn left at the T intersection, and I was headed right, so I had a shot at getting a bit closer to it.

As I got closer I could see they were aftermarket alloys with low profile tires. Undoubtedly they started out life on a sedan of some sort, as no one with an SUV would want to put these undersized, narrow track wheels on their ride.

But then it is an Explorer Sport, so who knows?