On The Go Outtake: Oh, Mr. Badge Engineer, You Had ONE Job!


The other day I found myself stopped at a light behind a new Chevrolet City Express, which is a badge-engineered Nissan NV200.  They are essentially identical save for the badging which in this case, as with most current Chevrolets, consists of a Chrome base with a Brass/Gold colored plastic insert that is apparently held on with double-sided tape.  Except in this case the center section has already become detached from the base…


Personally I am of the perhaps overly sensitive opinion that the worst feature of any current Chevrolet is the badge which I find tacky (no pun intended) as I am not a fan of Brass/Gold ornamentation on modern cars and many of the colors or non-colors in which they are available.  My wife, who is usually very reasonable, downright hates it and insists it is a valid reason why she will not consider a Chevrolet product.  Not good as there are several that I like.

However I’m guessing there is rich history behind the badge color and thus the reason for its continued existence.  Per the Chevrolet website, when configuring a 2016 Silverado, Chevrolet offers the option of badges with optional black badge inserts for $185, a Porsche-Options-List-like charge which I find offensive as well but shows that Chevy is not against removing the Brass/Gold.

I believe the time has come for the Chevy Bowtie to be represented as a Chrome outline only which would not clash with anything and help Chevrolet save money on badges as well as warranty claims when things go bad.  What do you think?