Curbside Comments & a QOTD


Regular commenters here at Curbside Classics may have noticed occasional comments to the effect that we’ve been testing the comment notification system – if you check the boxes when you comment, you can receive email notifications of any future comments on that post, or each time we publish a new post (note that “rerun” posts don’t trigger this feature). When we recently had some reports that folks weren’t getting email notifications, I tested it myself and sure enough – no notifications! So what does this have to do with spark plug wires, you may ask?


Well, some years ago, I acquired my grandparent’s former ’66 Pontiac Tempest with an OHC-6 which by that point was non-op. I spent the summer rebuilding a Chevy 350 (SBC, FTW!), which I mated to a THM350 and dropped into the car one Autumn evening in my grandmother’s driveway with Granny assisting by working the engine hoist. After a few false starts, she fired up, but was running rough. I checked and re-checked, but couldn’t get it to smooth out. Finally, I drove it down to a local garage, and after about five minutes, the mechanic shut it down, swapped two plug wires around, and said “no charge – it’ll run fine now.”

Which made me feel about as sheepish as I did when I realized I had checked this setting in my WordPress account (under the Notifications > Reader Subscriptions settings). Unchecking that box restored my comment and blog post email notifications, and I told the fine support folks over at to “stand down until further notice.”

So if you’ve not been receiving comment or blog post notifications, and you have a WP account, please check your settings and report back with a comment to this post if you had this same problem and it’s now fixed, or if you’re still not receiving notifications, let me know that too, and also whether you have a account.

Oh, and the QOTD is, what’s the most embarrassing “operator error” you’ve made with your car, and how long did it take you to figure it out?