On The Go Outtake: Toyota Crown Majesta – A First In Eugene

25+ year old Japanese imports are very common here in Oregon, but almost invariably they’re AWD vans and some SUVs. But then I saw this in front of me in traffic the other day, and I did a double take: What’s that? Thanks to the V8 and “Majesta” badges, I was quickly enlightened.

Somebody likes big RWD V8 Toyota sedans.

It’s a faux-hardtop, as was the fashion for so long in Japan. The Crown Majesta shared a lot under the skin with the Celsior/Lexus LS including its buttery-smooth V8. But stylistically, it was clearly oriented to the domestic market, despite having a hint of Cadillac, especially at the rear.

A full write up on it is here:

Curbside Classic: 1996 Toyota Crown (S150) Majesta V8 – Lexus De Ville