Parking Lot Outtake: 1984 Chrysler Laser Turbo – What Kind Of Person Is Still Driving One Today?

I was sitting in the parking lot of Albertsons, waiting for my son when I spotted this in the next row over. Wow; it’s been a while. And it’s even got those fine alloys with all the round holes, “pizza wheels”, I’ve heard them be called.

So who would be driving this in 2020?


I got out and walked around and peeled off a couple of shots. Turbo.


it was in very nice original condition, including all the tape trim.


I can’t tell the exact year, but it looks to be one of the first couple of years, which started in 1984.

I saw someone approaching, and given the pandemic times we live in, I backed away. It was an older woman. Had she bought it new? I was tempted ask, but as I watched her loading up her car, and then putting some things back in the cart, and then putting  some back in the car, and then take some others out…and so on, for quite a long while, I realized she had a mental disorder, and decided to just let her be, and leave the question unanswered.

This was still going on when my son finally came back. Very sad to watch it.

But how else would an older woman end up with a very well-kept original Chrysler Laser Turbo from 1984 or so? She was 36 younger then, and probably in her late 20s or early 30s. Would someone that age be able to treat their car so well and keep it for so long?

Every car has a story, but sometimes we can only guess. Or watch.