Photo Album Outtake: 1951–55 Singer Nine Roadster 4AD

In our continuing series of scans from my family photo album/shoe box, we present this nice Singer Nine Roadster. Someone in my family ancestry had an eye for cars; I think the young ladies were merely incidental to the photo!

The 4AD was the export version of the 4AB model sold to the British home market, and it had a short-stroke 1.5-liter, four-cylinder engine making 48 hp as opposed to the home-market 1.1-liter four making 37hp. A twin-carb version, designated the Singer Nine SM1500 and making 58 hp, was offered from 1953-55; it was unclear from my source whether this was offered to the export market. These generally were sold against the MG TD, Austin A40 Sports, Sunbeam Alpine and Triumph TR2. Only 3,440 were produced, so finding one today would be pretty special.

The optional bumper overriders make this a 1952 or later car. Tom covered a bit of Singer’s (later) history here if you want to learn more about this marque.