Port Orford Outtake: 1973 Ford F600 Tow Truck – Rustic

We’ve been in Port Orford this week and I decided to actually pull out my phone and shoot a few more of the natives. As in any small (tiny) PNW town, the place is crawling with CCs; if you only drive 0.3 miles to Ray’s supermarket three times a week and 4 miles to the Wednesday night bingo game at the Sixes Grange, your venerable 20 or 30 or 40 year old vehicle just isn’t going to rack up a lot of miles. And with the nearest car dealer over an hour away, temptation is a bit unlikely to come your way. Well, that and the reality of low wages (if any) in a sleepy coastal hamlet like PO.

So the old beaters just keep on rolling along. But when something does impair their forward motion, there’s always the Monty’s Garage ’73 F600 tow truck to come to the rescue. If it’ll start up, that is.

I’m not really sure of the exact year of this old Ford; the “dentside” came along in 1973, so let’s just go with that. As to the rust, well, this is what happens when you spend 50 some years hanging out at the beach: Skin cancer for humans; rust for cars. Actually the 1,195 good citizens of PO are probably not at very high risk for skin cancer, as there’s that all-too common fog, and if it is sunny, the chilly north wind in the summer is probably whipping up the sand on the beach. So being sandblasted is actually a greater risk. Maybe they should drive this rig down on the beach on a June afternoon, to blast all that rust away?

Sea air rust is a whole different animal than the Rust Belt stuff. It works its way in from the outside. It’s always interesting to see how certain body panels are more susceptible than others.

Remember this name if your car breaks down in PO.

A very familiar place; to me, anyway. There’s the usual 5-speed behind a hard-working Ford V8. That would be an FE of some sort; a 360 quite likely. I’m too relaxed to look it up right now; just got back from a long hike. Actually, I’m just channeling the laid-back vibe here. As they say here: “Curry No Hurry” (Curry being the name of the county that covers the Southern Oregon coast).

Is that chain rusted solid yet?

Here’s the working end as well as this post’s end.