Port Orford Outtake: The Well-Used Model T

I’ve been seeing this Model T, which I peg as either a 1915 or 1916 model year, repeatedly around Port Orford. It obviously gets used regularly, and the bucolic traffic (not a single stop light) and mild climate makes it an ideal around-town conveyance. I finally ran into it parked on one of our walks, and took a couple of shots.

It has of course been restored, but it’s not exactly being pampered, which I approve of. I have long wanted to drive a T; maybe one of these days.

I have spent some time in the back seat of one, a four door touring model like this, but an even earlier one without the compound curved cowl. In the summer of 1972 in Iowa City, there was a colorful hippie-ish character who used to drive into downtown on warm summer evenings and just cruise around and offer rides. His preferred target demo was attractive young women, but one night I scored because I was with a couple of them. Naturally I got the back seat. His T was a very successful chick magnet of the times, with the right kind of chicks.

It was wonderful chugging around town and a little jaunt out into the countryside in the balmy evening. Given the speed of 25 mph or so, my long hair didn’t even get tangled.

I do like elementary motoring, and I could easily see myself behind the wheel of this, running down to the hardware store and such in Port Orford.


My CC on a later 1917 Model T is here.