Portlandia Outtake: The Volvaab – A Proper Swedish Greenhouse (Updated with additional picture)

The Volvo 240 series is well known and loved (especially in Portland) for its tall and airy greenhouse, among other things. But that’s no reason why not to improve on it further. And what better way to do so than with the greenhouse from another Swedish car (Saab 96).

CC reader Tim F. sent me this great catch, shot in Portland, natch. he left this comment with it:

One of the terms you hear thrown about in car reviews these days is “Greenhouse”. It refers to your view of the outside world, and headroom. Safety and noise concerns have resulted in modern cars with more than their share of greenhouse complaints.

This Volvo 240 wagon I spotted fueling up in Portland has none of those pesky greenhouse issues. What a charming car this must be. Imagine driving a modern Camaro after spending a few days in this?

I’d rather not.


CC reader Michael Hafner also spotted it back in 2015 at the beach in Pacific City, OR. Note the revised emblem on the tailgate:  “VOLVAAB”.