Reader Outtake: A Chance Encounter

CC reader Curt V.P. sent me this great shot he took on the street in Calgary, AB. This is an exquisite trio, including two of my favorite bikes.

The Norton twin is an older version with its upright engine, not the more common Commando. I’m not sure whether it’s a 650 Dominator or the mighty 750 Atlas, but it’s a splendid bike either way, and the finest of its kind. With its featherbed frame and superb engine, why did BSA and Triumph dominate sales back then? Presumably they had more production capacity, as the Norton was a superior bike.

And behind it is of course a classic BMW. I can’t make out which engine version it is, but I will admit that the tank on this generation was not my favorite, I preferred the classic taller BMW tank that proceeded this one. But that’s an easy switch.

And behind them is of course a Porsche 356B, if I’m not mistaken, as per the hub caps.

Curt called this “A chance encounter”. maybe so. Or maybe the business they’re in front of is popular with the vintage crowd. Regardless, it’s one worth stopping for.