Reader Sighting: 1957 Mercury Montclair in Yosemite – Full Dome

One goes to Yosemite for the sights, but this is not one of the more typical or expected ones. CC reader Edward H. sent me these shots of a ’57 Mercury he saw while visiting that august national park the other day. El Montclair.

We just covered these ’57 and ’58 Mercuries in our ’59 Monterey CC, so I’m not going to get long-winded here. Let’s just say it probably wasn’t driven very briskly on the curving road up to Yosemite.

It’s a bit fuzzy, but that looks like Washington plates to me. Now that’s a ways from home.

An impressive find in Yosemite. But I’d recommend not driving out via Tioga Pass. At least not without plenty of Dramamine.