Road Trip Outtakes: 1956 Bombardier Snowbus

While on our way through West Yellowstone, we stopped and had a delicious breakfast at Ernie’s Deli and Bakery, owned and operated by a Bible College friend of my wife. Just down the street, something caught my eye, so we moved in closer to investigate…

Obviously a high winter vehicle, I had to go to the Yellowstone Guided Tours website listed on the door to track (hah!) down exactly what I was looking at here: a 1956 Bombardier Snowbus.

There’s something about the rugged simplicity of a vehicle like this with which I really resonate. You’ll notice there are nods here and there to modernity, but the basic “bus” is still all about function.

I was expecting to see a Volkswagen engine back here, but this is obviously a modern powerplant. From some quick searching, it appears this originally may have had a Chrysler industrial straight six engine.

As best I can tell, this is an R Series 1 model. Much more on the history of these unique, purpose-built vehicles can be found here.