Road Trip Outtakes: Saturday Smorgasbord

Today’s Outtakes are just a few single or double shots I’ve been able to catch on the go… Hope you enjoy and feel free to fill in some details in the comments.

We’ll start with this (K-based E body) 1985 Plymouth Caravelle (presuming it’s the US-spec model; Canada got the Caravelle starting in 1983, and 1986 introduced a more rounded body style). I shot this car in Oregon, which is why I’m going with 1985…

Next up is a Datsun 240Z—a car I rarely if ever see in the Middle West. I spotted a second one parked in a lot off the highway about five minutes after shooting this one.

Finally, under the heading of “Matte is the New Black,” is this early ’80s (?) Chevette I caught as we were driving through Boise, Idaho. All stock badging had been removed—the lone badge on the rear deck reads “LIMITED EDITION.”

And this shot (taken in my rear-view mirror) shows a large, chrome eagle affixed to the front grill. Limited Edition, indeed.