Sad Curbside Classics: A Pity Party for Classics That Just Sit


I’ve been walking my dog past this classic for months. The stock color is what I like to call “DNR Green,” but this rig was never used by the Department of Natural Resources. A former neighbor brought the GMC out from upstate New York, where it had been part of small-town fire department. Dream scenario, right? When he got it, Ken’s time capsule had under 10,000 miles and was always stored indoors. I think he did a respray and added some period mags. Judging by the logo in the grill, I think it is a 1967 GMC 1500. Now someone else owns the GMC and it’s parked outside in the rain. Too bad. I don’t know the backstory on the other cars that follow, but none of them seem to be driven much, if at all. Sad.

A 1500 of another stripe is this 1972-ish Spitfire. A stalled restoration project, this bedraggled Triumph has languished in a state of suspended animation for years.


Sometimes it is stored in a tumble-down garage, other times next to it. Now it’s out on the street. Pity.


Finally, there is this pair of Mazdas that haven’t moved in months. The blue Miata has a roll bar and appears ready for some weekend racing. The red one is really nice too, but it just sits. Bummer!