Curtis Perry Outtake: Riviera and Marlin – Two Rather Different Fastbacks

What a pairing we have here. For some reason, I would never think of these having almost anything in common except for technically being “fastbacks”.  The Marlin is a classic first generation (meaning when this body style first came back in style in the ’60s) fastback, meaning it was grafted on an existing sedan body, not unlike the gen1 Charger. Sadly, the 1965 Marlin did not pull it off; not even remotely, as I made it painfully clear here.

The “boat tail” Riviera, from 1971, is a very different animal indeed, as its tapering fastback is hardly grafted on, and looks fab from some angles, but not so much from certain angles, where its hips protrude awkwardly. My take on it is here.

Aha! There’s also a Cadillac hiding behind them. Quite the little get-together. No fastbacks on it, once it shed its delicious tail from 1948-1949. I’ll take one of those over either of these any day. Sadly, we’ve never written up any 1948-1949 Cadillac. Now that’s a serious omission on our part.