Skinner Butte Outtake: 1964 Dodge D100 Sweptside – Caramel And Butterscotch

I almost forgot about this fine old Dodge pickup we found on Skinner Butte at sunset one day this past summer. I have a serious soft spot for these early ones with the quad headlights, looking like Virgil Exner intended them to look., although I do have to wonder about those aftermarket-looking turn signal lights. Seriously?

The owner was a young kid who had just recently acquired it. He was still getting used to driving the old beast, what with its manual steering and brakes.

I asked him what was under the hood, hoping it might be a slant six. “318 V8” was the answer. Whether that was the original engine or not I cannot say, especially since I didn’t see it, to tell whether it was a poly 318 or a later LA 318, in which case it certainly had been swapped in.

I also seem to remember him saying something about maybe swapping in something bigger. Hmm.

It’s got the four speed with a stump-puller low first. He told me that took a bit of getting used to, and I had to assure him that taking off in second was the right thing to do.

The bed;s floor looked to have a bit of rust. Maybe it wasn’t as thick of steel as the one in my F100, which is still solid despite having spent its entire life outside.

The butterscotch and caramel paint job rather worked for me. I love my Ford, but if I were doing it all over, I think I’d go for one of these, as they’re less common and a bit more outside the mainstream, design wise.