Skinner Butte Outtake: Better Than Average

CC 294 010 1200

Thursday we headed (once again) to Skinner Butte for our daily walk-hike. There’s usually something up there to make worth fishing out my iPhone out of my pocket, and I was not disappointed. In fact, it was decidedly better than average, starting with this fine pairing of early 80s mobiles, and quite contrasting ones at that.

CC 294 012 1200

The Subaru hatchback is a 1985, according to Carfax. i would have guesses it was earlier, with the round headlights that were used on the low-end version. Subaru also used dual rectangular and quad rectangular headlights in this generation.

CC 294 011 1200

The Ford camper conversion van is called “Sun Sport”. I can’t find anything on the web with that name, so it was one of so many smaller outfits that kept springing up when the economy was good and then disappeared when the next recession hit. Those days are over though, as the RV industry has consolidated into just a few giants, although they use a number of brands each.

CC 294 013 1200

That wasn’t all. A VW Vanagon and Volvo 740 wagon share the stage here, pointing towards the Southwest of Eugene.

CC 294 014 1200

And here’s an eclectic two-some; an Infiniti g20 and a 90s Cadillac. So why do folks come up here? A few come for the views, but this is a popular spot for kids to smoke pot. It has been for some years, and now that recreational pot is legal, it’s even more popular. It’s legal, yes, but technically one can’t just smoke it in public, so kids who live in apartments seem to head for certain spots, like this one. Puffs of smoke can be seen emitting from the open windows.

Me? I come for the older cars, as well as the exercise. It’s a 5 mile round trip from our house, and after a day of physical work, it’s just the ticket! Until the last few blocks, that is…