Skinner Butte Outtakes: Open Again, Including the Hoods

Things are opening up again here, in phases. And that includes the parking lot on top, which was closed due to being a city park. And so when we hiked up the other day, instead of having the place to ourselves, there were others too, in cars. Including these three young guys checking out their rides.

Let’s check them out too.

This is what it’s looked like these past couple of months. It was kind of nice actually. As have been other aspects of the shut down, like the dearth of traffic. But folks need to get moving again, and driving up to the parking lot on top of Skinner Butte is an old tradition.

Here’s what greeted us as we first walked up: a couple of Subarus, a VW and an Acura Legend Coupe. Nice!

And with all those open hoods, I just had to go take a look too.

The Forester’s engine looked a bit different than the one in ours, mainly the color. The owner said it had been swapped in from an Impreza. The engine room looked a bit splattered with white mud, which the owner explained had come about from a recent deep aquatic experience.

The old Subaru wagon showed of its 1.8 L non-headgasket-eating engine. These have developed a rep for being very durable. And these still had room for the spare under the hood.

And then there’s the Acura’s V6, looking a bit more sophisticated and refined than the gnarly boxers. The owner told me he bought it not long ago for $1000. It looked pretty sweet to me.

These gen1 Legend coupes were such a hot item in their day; a cheaper and more reliable BMW coupe. They still look mighty fine. And it’s in loving hands.