Thanksgiving Road Trip Outtakes: Fords and Caravans

Like many of our fellow Americans, we traveled to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with family. For us, that involved a 15-hour drive from the Midwest to central Georgia and back again. I caught a quick snap of this ’64 Thunderbird and ’66 Mustang in Milledgeville; with a bit of cropping, it could pass for having been shot in 1966.

I had seen this 1971 Torino on the road about a half-hour earlier, when I was still eating my lunch and didn’t want to get mayonnaise on my iPhone.

Apparently they also stopped for lunch, so I got a second chance when they motored past me. The fenders wore 351 badges…

Finally, I couldn’t resist this shot of first- and current (fifth)- generation Dodge Grand Caravans side-by-side. The boxy styling only goes to show that “what goes around, comes around.”