Curbside Condo: 1956 Mercury Montclair – If You’re Going To Live In A Car, Why Not Make It An Eye-Catching One?

paulvaranasi just posted this at the Cohort, and says: “This fellow lives in his car; on street cleaning days, he pushes it back and forth around the corner from the Rainbow General Store in San Francisco.” My heart goes out to him. It is the rainy season in SF, and his situation might explain what appears to be some very crude fiberglass repair work on the C-Pillar of this 1956 Montclair.  Oddly, the same stuff seems to be on the wheels… hmmm? In any case, I’ll bet it’s no joke pushing this chunky Big M (CC here).

This reminds me of when I lived in Santa Monica and had a dead Peugeot 404 parts car (or two) that twice weekly I had to push across the street for the same reason. That got old pretty quickly, and it got me to stop collecting old beater 404s. City life can have its challenges, and this fellow certainly has his share. I guess it beats a shopping cart–for living in, not pushing.