Trailhead Outtake: Saab 900 Turbo – Still Spooling Up

I’ve got a big backlog of my own Outtakes I must start getting to, like this fine Saab 900 Turbo. These gave become scarce on the streets in the past few years; seems like only yesterday they were so common. Time does not stand still, especially for a fast-moving 900 Turbo, once quite the missile. And it’s got the obligatory rear window shades too. Someone is reliving the nineties in good form.

We’ve got a number of 900 posts here; my CC on the 900 Turbo is here. This picture was taken in the winter, prior to my xB losing its lower bumpers and getting jacked up.

Saab certainly made the most of this basic body, which started out life as the 99 way back in 1968. It looks like its been heated up and stretched on both ends, like a big licorice stick.

It’s a car that I wish I had owned at some point.


CC 1993 Saab Turbo – Not Lagging In Appeal

CC 1990 Saab Turbo SPG