Trailside Outtake: 1982 Ford Granada Wagon – Four, Six Or Eight?

I was a bit surprised to see this forty year-old Granada wagon at one of the many trailheads we hit this summer. It’s just not quite what one expects to see at the end of a long gravel forest road, so of course I had to shoot. Taking a closer look at it revealed why it wasn’t quite so unlikely: it’s been improved, as were so many Fox body Fords in their day.

That was obvious already from across the parking lot, given the beefy tires on these Mustang alloys. Hmm; wonder what’s under the hood? Presumably something other than the very weak sauce that it came with: either the 86 hp 2.3 L four, the 87 hp 200 CID Falcon six, or at best, the new 112 hp 3.8L V6. More likely a later 302 V8 with some real kick, I assumed.

A look inside tends to confirms that guess: Looks like the shifter for a five speed transmission, and there’s bucket seat and a console, along with a sports steering wheel. There may have been more that I couldn’t see.

But the single exhaust looks…stock. Hmm.  I’m pretty sure that only the 2.3 four was available with a stick, so…either it’s that, or a V8 with a very modest exhaust. I’m stumped.

The hike was less of a head-scratcher.