Trailside Outtake #2: The First Extended Cab Chevy Truck?

CC 280 142 1200

Just a hundreds yards or so down the trail from where we found the 1941 Buick,  I spotted another old vehicle off to the other side. I was a bit perplexed, as it was obviously a light truck, but with an extended cab? In the 1930s?

CC 280 130 1200

As I approached, it became clear that this was a home-brew job. It looked to once have been a panel truck, with the rear portion cut away.

CC 280 129 1200

The rear fenders show quite clearly where the old body used to be.

Chevrolet 1938 panel truck

A little Googling shows that it must have started out as a 1937 or 1938 Chevrolet 1½ ton Panel, as the body, fenders and wheels all match.

CC 280 131 1200

I’m guessing they put some kind of crude bed back there, but wanted to have the extra enclosed space, maybe to haul a crew and their crude and big chain saws or such.

CC 280 133 1200

The interior was completely jammed with sticks; an animal nest, or?

CC 280 134 1200

The classic Chevy “Blue Flame” six, which was brand new in 1937, is still quite recognizable despite the missing side plates and valve cover.  It had 216 cubic inches, and was rated at 85 hp, at least in the passenger cars.