Welcome to VW & AUDI Week at Curbside Classic: Air Cooled, Water Cooled, Or Just Cool


With Jim’s Audi COAL and the Beetle Clue from yesterday, we officially welcome you to a week of additional coverage on the offerings of Volkswagen and Audi here at CC.

While there were other “people’s cars” on the scene before the Beetle, it’s undeniable that the Volkswagen Type 1, or “Beetle” – despite its very twisted early development and production history – was the car that caught people’s hearts enough to surpass the Ford Model T in sales and enjoy a massive production run of 21,529,464 cars over a 65 year period.

Now lest those of you who are younger, or who never took interest in Volkswagen’s air-cooled offerings despair, we’ll have some water-cooled VW fare, as well as selections from AUDI (which has been a majority-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen since 1966). Not to mention our regularly scheduled selection of Broughams and other eclectic finds from cities, neighborhoods and rural areas around the planet.

So roll your window down a crack to avoid bursting an eardrum when you slam the door and let’s get started!