CC Outtakes: A Springtime Stroll (On Film, In Black and White)


I had business in Indianapolis’s South Broad Ripple neighborhood not long ago, and it was one of the first sunny and sort-of warm days of the spring season. I had film (Kodak Tri-X) in my old Nikon F2, so I took it along and went for a photo stroll after my business was concluded. As you can see, SoBro (as it’s nicknamed) is tightly packed with homes, and people park on the street.


I would love to live in the city – real city, not the suburban-style subdivision I live in now, even though it’s within the city limits. Strolls through my little neighborhood almost never bear CC fruit, because suburbanites generally park their cars in driveways and garages. That’s why so many of my posts feature cars in parking lots – I have to wait for the lurking CCs to be out and about before I can photograph them. I would love to live on a grid of streets with sidewalks, allowing me to walk to the store (or the pub) and along the way snap a few classics that are truly curbside.


And that’s how I came to find this Dodge A100 van, this quad-cab F350 (which has a ’73-’74 grille but ’78-79 badging), and this early fourth-gen Camaro. They were just sitting there, ripe for the picking. The A100 was the most exciting find – I can’t remember the last time I saw one. The F350 is the brother to this truck I wrote about before. The Camaro isn’t as exciting as CC fodder except that it looks to be bone stock (except for the bra and maybe those wheels) and in good original condition, a rarity among Midwestern Camaros.