CC Outtakes: Reinforcing Eugenian Stereotypes – Professional Offices Parking Lots

CC 129 205 925

Yes, stereotypes are fun to reinforce, and in Eugene, it’s almost always so easy. These two are sitting at an attorney’s office; one parking spot is marked “CLIENTS”, the other is “RESERVED”.  If you can’t make it out, you’ll just have to take a wild guess as to which car is in which spot. Here’s an accountant’s office:

CC 70 109 800

In this case, I pegged the Datsun 710 (CC here) owner as being the CPA’s employee, not his client. Sure enough, when I complemented her on her ride, she told me she was not only the receptionist, but CPA’s daughter as well. That makes sense; how many Datsun 710 drivers would need a CPA? And quite the eclectic cars in that family.