CC Outtakes Triple Treat: The Doctor Is In


This past week for me has been a rough one. I’ve been battling the flu since last Wednesday, and as if that isn’t bad enough, I’ve also gotten a nasty bronchial infection. I was feeling kind of sorry for myself when my day was brightened by stumbling upon not one, not two, but THREE CCs all at the hospital where I went earlier today for treatment.


I was just exiting my vehicle when this lovely ragtop 67 Mustang pulled in. I actually lingered for a couple of minutes to talk to the owner. He did a complete stock restoration not long ago, including a rebuild of its original 2-barrel 289 and C4 automatic transmission.


Despite my being a total horsepower junkie, I can’t really fault his engine choice. A quick-revving 289 with a thrifty 2 barrel carb, dropped into the lightweight ’67 / ’68 Mustang body shell, provides plenty of oomph for navigating traffic without outrageous fuel bills.


Second CC is this lovely ’74-’76 Ford Gran Torino station wagon I passed on my way to the Kaiser Permanente Urgent Care entrance. I actually first spotted this car the previous day, but in my rush to see a doctor I neglected to shoot it. I had the good fortune to stumble upon it again today on my way to the pharmacy. Not wanting to blow my chance a second time, I pretended to make a phone call while discreetly shooting a few pics. This one appears to be a mostly original survivor, minus the hideous Pep Boys Special plastic aftermarket hubcaps.


It’s no secret that in many respects, malaise-era Toris were dreadful vehicles, and I’m certainly not going to debate that. Even so, I get a strange and twisted satisfaction out of the knowledge that one or two surviving handfuls of these cars are still chugging around, that haven’t been carted off to the boneyard after donating their vital organs to yet another boring and predictable Mustang restomod project.



Last up is this lovely Series II Jaguar E-Type coupe, exact year unknown. This is another one I caught on my way to the pharmacy. It was too dark to get a really good shot at the interior, but the inside looks as primo as the outside. This car obviously gets lots of love from its owner.


How do I know it’s a Series II? The lack of plastic headlight covers is one clue. This discreet badge on the rear deck lid is another:


I apologize in advance for the poor lighting and lack of good interior shots. A dark, cramped, and crowded parking garage is far from an ideal location for photo shoots, especially with the old and cheap camera phone I was using. Better than nothing, I suppose.

A final bonus- after returning home, I spotted a ’73 Datsun 1200 notchback coupe parked in my apartment complex. Sadly, by that time my phone battery had died, and the owner was leaving, so no pictures 🙁 . I did get to speak with the owner for a minute, and he commented on how I was the first guy he talked to in a long while who even knew what his car was.

So that’s it. Time to take the industrial-strength antibiotics that the doc prescribed me and pray that there’s no strong side effects. Looks like my own CCs will sit neglected for yet ANOTHER weekend due to illness. Sigh.