Ta-da! The CC Portals Are Updated, Once Again (Mostly) – And A Note On The Easiest Way To Find Anything At CC

CC Portals

My butt’s sore and my back is complaining, and this almost non-stop two day marathon to update the Portals would never have happened if Stephanie wasn’t out of town.  But it’s done, mostly:  the CC Archive Portals are up to date again. It’s a job I used to do weekly, and then let slide, for almost a full year. They have to be done manually, because there’s just no realistic way otherwise to present them in such an ideal form, organized by brand alphabetically, and chronologically. Well there might be, but we didn’t set things up like that from the beginning.

So I’ve gone through a whole year’s worth of our content, and copied and pasted the manually created links. The Portals are only for the full-on Curbside Classic articles (long-form), and Automotive Histories. There are many hundreds of them there now (anybody care to count?). It’s almost overwhelming.  But of course there are thousands of shorter posts too, which we can’t organize like that.

CC Search

But there’s an easy way to find anything and everything at CC: The “Search Curbside Classic” bar by Google, up there on the upper right side. It will search everything in the CC files for matches to whatever key words you enter, thanks to God Google.  In fact, I find it quicker than opening a Portal…so maybe we don’t need them after all?  Just kidding; I know lots of readers peruse them, as they’re always popular based on our stats, so we will keep them updated, as best as we can.

The only Portal that I’m struggling with is the COAL (Cars of a Lifetime) one. Except for the first COAL series, I never even tried to keep on top of them for a Portal. And I’m not sure it doesn’t make more sense to just integrate the more relevant ones into the CC Portals, as they’re just another way of telling a car’s story. Any suggestions?

And to all of you, especially the  Authors and Contributors: If you see something missing, especially in the Automotive History Portal, do let me know.