CC On The Go Outtakes: Three Blocks of Pierce Street in Eugene – Assuaging My Anxiety About The Disappearance of CCs

Time doesn’t stand still in Eugene either. Lately I have had moments of anxiety about the steady erosion of CC-worthy cars on our streets. When I started shooting old cars here ten years ago, the finds were incredible, and constant, and everywhere.

But the other day, I was running an errand in a little neighborhood about a mile west of me, and as I drove through, my spirits lifted, decidedly. I’d been her before, and some of my favorites were gone. But there were enough that I decided to drive down three blocks of these three streets (Pierce, Grant and Hayes), and just click away from my car as I rolled through. We’ll start with Pierce Street, and the first of a number of Ford pickups of this generation.


Yes, Eugenians do like to keep an old pickup around, for hauling stuff for the garden, or otherwise. The two favorites are Toyotas and Fords. I suppose If I didn’t feel so cramped in a Toyota I’d probably be driving one too.

This one is very typical, but all generations are still rampant.


Rangers are pretty common too.


Here’s an eclectic three-some. And there’s probably another veteran in the enclosed tent.

A Chevy Venture hiding sheepishly.


This is the first of several Previas.

Nissan pickups are not exactly rare either.


And even an S-10. A Saturn L series wagon sits in the driveway.



This was shot on a weekday, so most folks’ daily drivers were probably gone, leaving the pickups behind.


It’s an eclectic neighborhood, in more ways than one.


Here’s the Dynasty that Brendan wrote up so well earlier today. I couldn’t believe we’d never done a proper CC on one before.


Wagons, big and not-so big.


Someone appreciates Toyota durability.



The Jeep Comanche pickup has become fairly scarce on the streets.


I rather liked these, but the lack of an extended cab was a bad idea, and undoubtedly contributed to its early demise.


And at least one Miata. And an older Chevy van.


There’s still a fair number of gen 1 Rav4s around, as well as gen1 CRVs.


The ranks of these Escorts are finally getting thinned out.

And the finale, for now. We’ll head down Grant Street tomorrow.