CC Outtake: 1962 Chevrolet C-10 – That’s One Quiet Truck

I have always had an appreciation for a good car sign.  Not like “Taurus”, I mean a car used as a sign.  I have driven past this one for several years and one day a few weeks back decided to stop and snap some pictures to share with the CC faithful.   These pictures have languished in my computer during my summer convertible fling, but Michael Freeman’s piece yesterday gigged me out of inactivity, so here we are.

A Chevrolet C-10 may not be as rare as the Panhard Dyna Junior that our intrepid Editor-in-Chief found in Eugene (Here), but you must admit that the sign component is a LOT more imaginative.

In chatting with the Owner of Dad’s Muffler Shop, he reports that the truck was a daily driver up until a few years ago, and could get back on the road with some work.  But until then, he is having some fun with the sign idea which some of his guys welded up for him one day.  The sign certainly works, because I look at it every time I drive across E. 46th Street in Indianapolis.

This truck is a four speed like Michael’s, but is equipped with a 327 instead of the six.  And given the size of the muffler, I’m sure that it’s a LOT quieter than Michael’s was.  Probably better brakes, too.