Snapshot From 1960: The Mystery Of Two Similar Faces – Stolen, Or Just Coincidence?

Today’s flip of the 1960 Auto-Parade lands us on a handsome car indeed: Pinifarina’s proposal for an Alfa Romeo 2000 coupe. This coupe was never put into production, and the reason is pretty obvious: it totally lacks any semblance of the classic Alfa grille. Can’t have that, and rightfully so. Well, if Alfa can’t use that face, how about somebody else?

This 1960 Opel Rekord P2’s face looks way too much like that Alfa coupe’s. Did Pininfarina have a hand in the Opel’s design? Not officially, to my knowledge; GM was very proud of its design capabilities. Was it stolen? Might be, but it’s a bit hard to prove.

That Alfa Coupe was apparently a one-off, and probably actually built in 1959. And the Opel P2 arrived in 1960, but apparently sometime in the actual calender year, not in the fall of 1959. So there might have been enough time to crib it. Oh well, a bit late for legal action anyway.

(Update: The verdict is already in: stolen. That thanks to Laurence Jones’ picture of Pininfarina’s 1958 Caddy concept in his comment)