CC Outtake: 1966 Buick Riviera–One Designer’s Idea of What Could Have Been…and Was


My dad and I recently took a Saturday jaunt to the Scarab Club in Detroit to peruse their “American Dreaming: Car Style Detroit” exhibit of original stylists’ drawings from the “Big Three” and major independents.  As a follow up to Don’s Riviera post, please enjoy this Paul Deesen drawing from November of 1964 that offers a “not as far off as one might think” interpretation of the ’66 Riviera (which of course, is almost identical to the ’67).


There are some definite similarities between Mr. Deesen’s drawing and the eventual production model (not to mention the striking resemblance to the ’68 model’s grille).  The ’68 may have been a greater styling success if Buick would have adopted Deesen’s front end design a little more closely, but either way, no sixties Riviera really needs any apologies for its design.  Enjoy!