CC Outtake: Having a Vair-y Nice Day

This may or may not be a finale to Corvair Week here at CC – Partly to keep you on your toes and partly because we are not quite sure ourselves.  But in either case, we have another one to consider.  Yes, this was shot on my cell phone through my windshield.   Either a 1962 or 63, I will leave final ID up to sharper minds than mine.  And in case my insurance agent is reading, I was at a full stop at a red light.  And do not do this at home.

We have had a lot of discussion about what the Corvair was and was not in its day.  This car is what the Corvair has become:  a way for the enthusiastic few to enjoy a warm summer evening, and to share some of that enjoyment with the rest of us.  Admit it – which of us would not switch places with this car’s driver for at least an hour on an evening just like this?  Me too.