1932 Ford V8: The Greatest Car Of All Time?

Why do media outlets compile lists, like Edmund’s 100 Greatest Cars of all Time List that came out a couple of days ago? So that suckers like me would blog it, and give them the exposure they don’t deserve with this one. Come on; the Citroen DS doesn’t even make the list?? The ’32 Ford certainly belongs on it, but at the top? Here’s how they justify it:

The first performance car a working man could afford, with looks swiped straight from Duesenberg. This car has defined American automotive culture for nearly 80 years.

The styling of the ’32 was a slightly warmed over Model A; handsome, but most today would have a hard time telling it from a ’32 Chevy or Plymouth, and hardly “swiped straight from a Duesenberg”. Mechanical brakes, model T suspension, and a troublesome and notoriously overheating engine…ok; I’m being a bit harsh. Certainly, the ’32 became the iconic hot rod, but that had more to do with the fact that Ford components were well made, light, and very interchangeable. My time on the soapbox is up, for now. But stay tuned next week.