CC Outtake: Now Just What Is Going On Here?

ford falcon ltd australia wagon 1

Swapping the front clip of a Ford Fairlane or LTD onto a shorter-wheelbase Falcon is nothing unusual in Australia; the same applies to Statesman/Caprice clips on Holden utes. Just five minutes before I saw this “LTD Wagon”, I saw a similar creation using the front of a Fairlane. But when I took a second look at this patina-heavy, I realized something was very off about it.

ford falcon ltd australia wagon 2

To Curbsiders from places other than Australia and New Zealand, you may just be thinking this is just another ungainly wagon from the same country that brought you the poorly proportioned Holden Brougham or the exceedingly long Holden Crewman. But you’ll recall from last week that a 1972-79 Ford Falcon XA/XB/XC wagon should look…

ford falcon xc wagon 2

…like this, complete with coke bottle contours and styling and proportions very reminiscent of a contemporary Torino. Note how the C-pillar and door meet the wheel arch. There isn’t a gaping chasm between door and rear wheel arch like the featured car.

ford falcon ltd australia wagon 4

Here’s a better look. The most obvious explanation is that this is an old hearse from a time before they were designed to look like the Popemobile. But there are no other modifications like a raised roof or a modified glasshouse.

ford falcon ltd australia wagon 3

One thing is for sure: Ford didn’t offer an LTD Wagon in its Australian showrooms. The 1976-79 P6 LTD may have been the Broughamiest Brougham ever manufactured in Australia, especially in special edition Silver Monarch trim. This front end would not have looked out of place on, say, a Mercury or a Chrysler. 

ford falcon ltd australia wagon 5

There’s something cool about putting a fancy front end on a plain-jane ute or wagon like this owner has done: look at the Rancheros and LTD II wagons wearing Thunderbird front clips. But I remain puzzled as to why this Falcon wagon has been stretched in a manner that manages to make the wagon look so awkwardly long and yet so minutely stretched at the same time. Any ideas?