Automotive History Capsule: 1968 Holden Brougham – A New Philosophy Of Luxury: Boot(y) Augmentation

(first posted 7/31/2011)    A new entry to the eventual CC Complete Guide to the Great Brougham Epoch: the 1968 Holden Brougham. I didn’t realize that Brougham fever spread so rapidly and so far; 1968 is still the early years. But Holden had a new philosophy of luxury: not just a higher trim line, vinyl roof and the ubiquitous Brougham emblems, but a full-on boot-augmentation. Eight inches of delectable rear overhang were grafted onto the Holden HK Premier, to create the genuine article. And unforgettable proportions. As the Brougham brochure (here) makes very clear: “You can’t have too much of a good thing”.

Yes, although too much of a good thing might have been an integrated A/C system, instead of the dash mounted unit in the Brougham.

The Holden philosophers were hard at work in 1968. Maybe they were chatting a bit with their GM cohorts back in Detroit a bit too. Which is where the Brougham’s Chevy 307 V8 and Powerglide originated. Although that was replaced by Holden’s own 308 V8 a year or two later.

The Great Brougham Epoch; a global phenomenon. Now I just need to find me one of those NSU Ro80 Broughams.

BTW, the Holden Brougham wasn’t the first with these kinds of proportions:

Dodge 1965 AFX