In-Motion Outtakes: 1976 Cadillac Sedan DeVille & 2011 Cadillac SRX – Old Hat, New Hat

006 - Old '76 Cadillac, newish '11 SRX - CC

When I first spotted this pairing of old and then-new Cadillacs in downtown traffic on a Friday afternoon, my first thought was that the ’76 Sedan DeVille in the foreground took me to the opening credits of a 1970’s American sitcom.  You’ll notice the driver’s door window was open, which enabled me to confirm the model year with the surprised, but enthusiastic, owner.  The second-generation of SRX was new for 2010, a year before this photo was taken.  For the sake of the contrast in age between these two vehicles, let’s suppose the SRX was the newest model available at that time – a 2011.

009 - 1976 CDV & 2010 - '10 SRX - CC

The DeVille, at the end of this generation’s run before being radically downsized, was Cadillac’s most popular line of cars for ’76, selling over 182,000 units between the Coupe’s 114,000 figure and the Sedan’s 68,000.  Likewise, the SRX edged out the CTS to become Cadillac’s most popular 2011 offering, selling almost 57,000 units against the CTS’s 55,000.  In this moment, I witnessed Cadillac’s two best-selling vehicles of each’s respective era next to each other.  Separated by roughly thirty-five model years and moving slowly, side-by-side, near Chicago’s Thompson Center, they both looked right at home in Friday’s rush hour traffic on this stretch of West Randolph Street.

As photographed by the author downtown, The Loop, Chicago, Illinois on Friday, April 8, 2011.  Titled with respect to Jan & Stan Berenstain.