CC Outtake: VW Golf “SUVW” – No Country

CC 277 015 1200

When I saw this jacked-up VW Golf MkII at one of our favorite hiking spots, I wondered if it was a real Golf Country, a rare jacked-up version of the already rare Syncro, and sold only in Europe.

CC 277 018 1200

The answer to my question was all too obvious. I didn’t even have to get on my knees and see if this really did have drive to the rear axle.

VW Golf Country

Here’s what the real thing looks like. Only some 3,000 were built, and it seems a bit odd that it wasn’t sold here. VW could have been ahead of the game, and competed with Subaru in the nascent passenger-car off-roader niche. Even the regular Syncro Golf Mk2 didn’t make it to the US, although there was a Passat Syncro and of course the Vanagon. The Syncro AWD system was developed and manufactured by Steyr-Daimler-Puch, natch.

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So no, this is no Country; just a SUVW.

CC 277 019 1200

And with an automatic, at that.

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It sure looks ready to take on some serious off-roading.