CC Outtakes: A Tale of Two Villes


1 Best

It was the best of times.

2 Worst

It was the worst of times.

In 1972, two identical dark red Coupe de Villes rolled off the Cadillac assembly line in Detroit.  One went to the Washington, DC area, where it was purchased by a family that bought only Cadillacs, who made it a cherished family heirloom, kept like new for 40 years by multiple generations who all became well educated and successful.  The other went to central Pennsylvania, where a retiring man who had spent his life in the coal mining industry purchased it as his best and last car.  He kept it clean and well maintained as long as he lived, but his children, who were barely getting by in a decaying town whose coal mines had long since closed, kept the car but could not stop it from gradually decaying as well.  Their fates reflected the places where fortune had sent them.

Inspired by Paul Niedermayer’s first Curbside Classic on the 1972 Coupe de Ville and Tom Klockau’s Outtake yesterday on a red 1975 Sedan de Ville, whose condition was somewhere between that of these two Coupe de Villes.