QOTD: What Was Your First Ride?

1969 Ford Torino  amp  Fairlane-16-17

After seeing yesterday’s blue AMC hearse, I got to thinking about that other important ride we have all taken.

My first ride was home from the hospital in a 1969 Ford Fairlane.  Powered by a 302, it was the first car my father had ever purchased with an automatic transmission.  He says the automatic was for my mother, however it was partly due to his having broken a hip.

1957 Chrysler- Plymouth-05

Mrs. Jason isn’t sure what she came home in; she’s the youngest and, well, her parents were distracted with her two older brothers.  My father-in-law thinks she came home in a ’57 Plymouth he had found with a mere 8,000 miles in 1970.

So in what car did you take your first ride?  Bonus points are in order if you later drove that car.

1969 Ford Torino  amp  Fairlane-12-13