CC Outtakes: All Cool Air-Cooled Things Come In Threes

1966 VW T1 pickup - 1966 VW T1 bus - 1973 VW T2 box truck

Completely free of knickknacks and without stance ‘improvements’. As if they’ve just rolled off the production line. Or left the body manufacturer’s workshop. A trio of mighty fine classic Volkswagen one-tonners: a pickup, bus, and -at first sight- a box truck.

1966 VW T1 pickup

From left to right, a 1966 T1 pickup. T for Transporter, not Typ(e).

1966 VW T1 kombi

Then another 1966 T1, this two-tone bus. Or Kombi.

1973 VW T2 box truck/camper

And on the right in the line-up, a 1973 T2 with a box body in Bolletje livery and two fully-fledged, comfortable beds inside. And that MAN Ponton-Kurzhauber in the background needs some TLC.

Volkswagens Bolletje

Here’s where the happy camper’s inspiration came from.

Bolletje beschuitbus

And just for your information, this is the one and only beschuitbus in Bolletje livery.