Vintage Postcards: Motels, Pools And Cars In The 1960s

Sometimes when I browse through vintage postcards, I get the impression folks in the ’60s only traveled to stay at motels and spend all day at their pools while overseeing their cars. I somehow suspect reality differed from those idealized images… But such are the fantasies of advertising.

In any case, the images offer glimpses into the trends of the day; lots of colors, some googie architecture, and pools. And well, they all portray the idea of an escape from home. Even at the lodging place, a fun-filled time was to be had. It was no longer an obligatory and dull stopover. Right?

Talking about fun times, the lede image is at El Dorado Motel, in Palo Alto, CA.

Tahoe Tropicana, Lake Tahoe, CA.

Congress Inn, Lancaster, PA.

Motel Desert Sun, Phoenix, AZ.

Kingman Travelodge, Kingman, AZ.

Crescent Court, Orlando, FL.

Motel Arizona, Harbor City, CA.

Santa Cruz Travelodge, Santa Cruz, CA.


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