CC Outtakes: Ciao, GTV! Hej, Spider!


Passion for Alfa Romeos is a worldwide phenomenon, including in Sweden, better known for its stolid Volvos, quirky Saabs and flamboyant classic American cars.  Alfas of the 1990s and 2000s are a common sight, and Alfas of previous decades are part of the everyday classic car show on the streets.  Any car enthusiast’s heart should beat faster upon seeing this 1967-71 GTV 1750, lowered and shod with wide BBS wheels and tires, just as mine did while walking down an ordinary residential street.

4 Club

In a car as beautifully styled as the GTV, even a prosaic appliance like a steering wheel lock should look like a work of art.

1 Spider

The Spider Veloce inhabits the streets of Stockholm in large numbers as well, all of them seeming to be red.

2 Child seat

Speaking of passion, this Spider is proof that the consequences of its original, non-automotive variety do not necessarily mean the end of Spider Veloce motoring.  A child seat in a two-seat roadster is not a common sight anywhere, but this Swedish Alfa owner seems to be making it work.  Bravissimo!