CC Conundrum: Saab Limo In The Heartland?

saablimo1 (800x557)

Since today seems to be shaping up to be Limo Day, it was fortuitous that my Uncle Dave sent these pics of a Saab 900 limo just this morning. He spotted it at the abandoned not-so-abandoned Saab dealer in town. It seems rather worse for the wear, to say the least–but not beyond saving.


So is it a homebrew limo conversion or some factory-authorized stretch, like the Volvo 960 limo Brendan found last month? The few images I’ve seen of 900 limos appear to either have an extra door on each side, or have a much longer center section sans doors–like the one above.

weathered center section

This may have been someone’s weekend project–that center section is in far worse shape than the rest of the car. But then again, the sheetmetal and roof look to be rather neatly integrated. Could it just be the quality of the paint and primer used by the theoretical company that built it? Or did the dealership have a couple wrecked 900s and slapped this together for promotional reasons? I don’t have the answers, but perhaps one of our CC readers can fill in the blanks.


Interesting to see one based off the four-door sedan, as they seemed to be seen far less than the 3-door–though it makes perfect sense for a limo. I rather liked the sedans. I must confess I like the idea of a Turbo limo–could this one have the boosted engine? Hmm, I may have to draft Dave to zip down there for further pics…

saablimo2 (800x579)